The past few years have seen an explosion in recognition of the importance of the fields of privacy and data security.  Large-scale commercial data breaches, state-sponsored hacks, and our own government’s warrantless internet surveillance have hit the headlines.  The risks have become even more real as the actors behind these data and privacy breaches now have the tools and motive to make use of the information that they shouldn’t possess, going beyond “breaking in and looking around” to doing concrete, large-scale damage.

At the same time, vastly more personal information is now captured, digitized, stored, shared, mined, culled, brokered, hoarded, screened, analyzed, “monetized” — you name it.  We are increasingly living our lives in digital form, or at least, cannot ignore the consequences of our “digital selves” being “out there.”  Recent growing public appreciation of this has changed consumer, as well as government priorities.  This has resulted in phenomena ranging from encryption becoming standard on smartphones, to the supreme court ruling that personal digital devices carry a “reasonable expectation of privacy” and hence cannot be searched without a warrant, to burgeoning government laws and regulations (local, national and international) weighing in on privacy and data security.

There have long been very good experts in the data security field who have warned of the looming risks (now proven correct) and who can help to make your systems and networks — and thus, your personal or sensitive consumer information — vastly more secure.  But most of these folks aren’t well-equipped to handle the legal side of the equation.  And at the end of the day, that can make just as much difference to your bottom line; especially since no purely-technological protection is fool-proof.

That’s where we come in.  We are a law firm, but we know the world of data security and privacy inside and out, too.  We don’t attempt to duplicate what dedicated information security experts already do; instead, we uniquely address the legal aspects of the area, while still working from a holistic, comprehensive view.  In other words, we do privacy and data security law, but competently and properly contextualized within the whole arena of data security risks, technical problems, organizational challenges, shifting government regulations and other growing legal risks.

Critically, we bring to the table a conviction to provide our clients assurance that goes beyond knowing there is simply a law firm they can call to “put out fires” — at costs that escalate hourly.  Instead, we provide a total package service, evaluating your information architecture at the outset to discover the legal vulnerabilities and relevant risks, keeping the picture up to date with periodic assessments, providing you a privilege shield-secure communications facility for ongoing advice and updates, and providing a generous set of efficient legal tools within the base of our flat-rate service.   The end goal is to (1) minimize your legal risks down the road, rather than focusing on “firefighting”, and (2) when legal “emergencies” do occur (such as in the event of a data breach), to be able to quickly dispense with any legal matters, without their inflating into the expensive, long-drawn out affairs that other law firms love (but clients hate).

Don’t wait: start protecting your data security “flank” from legal risks… today! Read about our privacy and data security services (including our “24/7” Breach Guard service — detailed background), or simply contact us directly about them.