Data Security

We live in a networked world where practically everything seems “connected” and which is only getting more connected by the day–at an accelerating pace.  Contemplate that, just a few years ago, social networks were an obscure, on-the-fringes internet activity; today they form its core. And, more profoundly, they place a large fraction of everyday human interaction online, in digital form.  Simultaneously (and feeding into that trend) has been the proliferation of ever-more-sophisticated smartphone devices, adding to the increasingly-omnipresent nature of the internet and the integration of its information into everyday life.  Now, we are on the verge of the next revolution: “smart devices”  and the so-called “internet of things” (IoT), coming to both the home and industry.   This next wave promises vast leaps in capabilities and efficiency, spanning the entire economy and society.

But along with this increasingly-digitized and network society, there is more than a small downside: opportunities for abuse grow right along with the growing reach of technology.  We probably don’t even have to tell you this, because you’ve no doubt seen the near-daily headlines of major data breaches that have been increasingly striking major organizations–from business to government–in recent years.

While technology and its human implementers and user are always fallible, we shouldn’t throw up our hands and simply assume we are powerless to do something about this increasingly costly and disruptive problem.   Much can be prevented with careful and meticulous preparation, cognizant of all of the relevant categories of technical and legal risks.  Indeed, it is rapidly becoming inexcusable for organizations not to conceptualize and address their data breach exposure in the most systematic and comprehensive sense; not only has major consumer and industry attention been focused on the hazard, but now governments have “woken up” to the growing data breach problem and are beginning to bring serious regulation and enforcement to bear on it.

We here at Data Breach Legal by the Borrero Law Firm are focused on addressing today’s data security risks, featuring as our core offering our signature “24/7” Breach Guard counsel and end-to-end legal service for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs).  We help you address all of your data breach and privacy legal risks, starting of course from the underlying “breach risk”, but importantly, extending through the hierarchy of more specific legal risks and regulatory requirements–a national and global patchwork of laws you may not even be fully aware apply to you (and which those outside the legal field could be forgiven for referring to as a “minefield”).  Plus, increasingly, governments, consumers, and business affiliates are not going to forget that the applicable regulations and legal standards apply to your company–adding significantly to the cost and general “pain” of a data breach incident.

So get ahead of the curve and address your data breach legal risks before they bite you. You can start by learning about our privacy and data security services, particularly our “24/7” Breach Guard service (detailed background and motivation), or simply contact us directly to get started with a free consultation.