Our “Cyber” Law Services

We are highly-experienced with and well-versed in cyber law and “tech law” generally; and indeed, technology itself  is second nature to us.  Accordingly, we offer a wide array of privacy and data security and other tech/cyber legal services with an uncommon competency, including (but by no means limited to):

  • privacy, data breach, redundancy and failover policies (incl., drafting, reviewing, and refining…);
  • government and industry standards compliance (incl. HIPAA, EU GDPR,  NY DFS Cybersecurity rule, PCI-DSS, GLB Act, FCRA, SOX, ISO 27001, NIST 800, COBIT, etc. …);
  • drafting and reviewing vendor/supplier agreements, HIPAA BAA’s, binding corporate rules (BCRs), contractual clauses generally, deploying MCCs (etc.);
  • best practices and enterprise-risks cyber advisory (with special attention to legal risks);
  • serving as an official CISO or similar point of contact, or outside privacy/data security general counsel;
  • serving as a data breach counsel (incl. coordinating investigation, response and remediation; serving as a “privilege shield,” handling pre- and early-stage litigation disputes…);
  • internet law (incl. online IP demands and other rights-enforcements, online defamation, “unmasking” and anonymity defense, account and digital asset recovery, international jurisdictional issues, terms of use policies…)
  • cryptocurrency/blockchain law (e.g., NY “BitLicense” application and compliance, ICO/blockchain “sandbox” compliance, smart contract review and deployment, token/coin utility assessment, cryptocurrency asset recoveries and general legal advisory…)

In all of the above, we can readily operate in collaboration with and building atop the efforts of IT security and other organizational personnel you already know, trust and rely upon.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us about other areas or needs if not listed above.

“24/7” Breach Guard Service

We also offer a unique, flat-fee “24/7” data breach advisory & response service (click here for more) to help organizations continuously prepare for, and thus, best-respond to breaches.

Other Services

We and our affiliates provide a wide range of legal services, so feel free to contact us even if your needs don’t fall squarely into any of the above. Other practice areas include:

  • employment (employer defense and union representation)
  • environmental (NEPA, NPDES permitting, etc.)
  • financial/AML Compliance
  • immigration
  • business law
  • intellectual property
  • securities law