“24/7” Breach Guard Service

We offer a unique, flat-fee “24/7” data breach advisory & response service (click here for the market case & more background).   Broadly, it encompasses:

  • Specialist outside legal counsel service for privacy, breach preparedness & response
  • An unrivaled, maximized attorney-client privilege protection covering data security legal advisory communications
  • Ongoing, expert enterprise+legal risks assessment & remediation guidance
  • Advisory on legal and industry security regime compliance
  • Guidance, coordination and negotiation with your data security vendors and insurers

With this service, we go beyond the familiar formats in this space to provide full legal-based coverage from tech-savvy counsel that’s with you all the way:

Comparing Enterprise Data Breach Advisory Services

provision “Breach Coach” Traditional firm DataBreachLegal
you have priv./data breach legal counsel no yes/limited to engagement YES
initial evaluation yes yes/if paying hourly YES
authoring & hardening of privacy/sec. policies yes yes/if paying hourly YES
legal authoring/sign-off on InfoSec policies no yes/if paying hourly YES
ongoing eval./advice no/costs extra maybe/if paying hourly YES
“24/7” privilege shield no privilege for matters arising under consultation or engagement YES (details)
keeps current with your company no/costs extra maybe/if paying hourly YES
keeps you apprised of relevant law no maybe/if paying hourly YES
incident response no no/limited to engagement YES
pre-litigation matter counsel no yes/limited to engagement YES
litigation counsel no yes yes/subject to cap or separate engagement

We price this service aiming to provide the benefits of having full-time data breach specialist counsel for a fraction of the cost of hiring the requisite personnel. We also aim to save you money over hiring outside advisors by (1) focusing on preparation and prevention, and (2) eliminating the inefficient need to periodically “play catch up” with your status and the IT state-of-the-art. Click here to see a price comparison illustration.

Please inquire if you are interested in this innovative service (monthly rates vary by organization characteristics) or in a la carte legal services in the privacy and data security field.

Other Services

We provide a wide range of legal services, so feel free to contact us even if your needs don’t fall squarely into the privacy/data breach context. Other practice areas include:

  • employment (employer defense and union representation)
  • environmental (NEPA, NPDES permitting, etc.)
  • financial/AML Compliance
  • immigration
  • business law
  • intellectual property
  • internet/technology law generally